3-Minute Tips That Will Make Your Eyelashes Longer With Mascara

Applying mascara is often the final stage of makeup. This is like a “magic wand” that helps your eyelashes become curved and more extended, without it, your face will not be complete.

There are many types of mascara, depending on your condition, you can choose the model you want.

For short, thin lashes, you should choose a mascara that contains mineral formulas and lots of cellulose fibers. They will nourish the lashes, help them grow faster, and thousands of cellulose fibers in mascara will also surround your lashes, creating a significantly thicker lash effect. Regarding brushes, do not forget to choose a brush with a thick and big head to brush mascara on the lashes easily is still quite limited.

For long, thin lashes, you should choose the type of mascara that works to curl and thicken the lashes (volume and curling mascara). Still, with mineral ingredients to create the desired thickness for sparse lashes, but you will not need to brush too many times to make eyelashes longer. Choose mascara with a thick and small brush to easily weave into each eyelash, to increase the absolute thickness.

It would be best if you had a mascara capable of curling your eyelashes all day long (curling mascara). Pay attention to choose a type with a small brush tip to apply just enough amount on the eyelashes do not need your mascara.

Tip possessing curled eyelashes after only 3 minutes with mascara

This is a straightforward way to curl lashes with mascara, if you practice hard regularly, you will own thick, curved eyelashes immediately for momentous occasions:

Step 1: Remove the broom from the mascara tree

Step 2: Place the brush tip at a 45-degree angle

Step 3: Sharpen the upper eyelid

Step 4: Brush the ends of the eyes curled

Step 5: Similarly for the eye part

Step 6: For more prominent eyes, you should use the lower lashes too

Step 7: Don’t forget to brush each lower lash

Step 8: Use a little bit more smoky eyeshadow to create sparkling, more attractive eyes when attending night parties or to hang out with friends.

But don’t rely too much on mascara, take care of your healthy and beautiful lashes!

1. Nursing eyelashes with vaseline

Vaseline works to soften, thicken, lengthen and curl lashes effectively thanks to nutrients and high moisture. Everyday uses a small brush to spread vaseline evenly on the eyelids. It would be best if you tried to spread down the eyelashes’ root to stimulate the hair follicle to make the eyelashes stronger, making eyelashes grow faster.

2. Nursing eyelashes with oils

Olive oil, coconut oil, argan oil are rich in vitamins A and C are two proper substances to help healthy and grow longer and denser. Every night before going to bed, use a clean cotton swab or mascara brush to dab the oil and brush your eyelashes the same way you brush mascara, from the feet to the tops, for both the upper and lower lashes. Just do it gradually, and you’ll see a noticeable improvement in your lashes.

Knowing how to use and how to choose a suitable mascara will help your lashes always curl long, seductive, attracting all eyes of the opposite person. Don’t worry too much when you work on your lashes without curling. If you do not want to spend too much money on mascara, refer to the affordable mascara trees that are not inferior to high-end mascaras!

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