Top Tips and Methods to Grow Healthy Long Nails

A set of long, well-manicured nails always helps a woman’s hands look more aesthetic and feminine. However, indeed many times, you encounter a situation where your nails suddenly break when a party or event is about to take place, and you have a headache finding a solution.

Below are instructions on how to make long nails faster in those cases.

Proper nail care will help them grow longer.

  1. Good nail maintenance. Leaving nails uneven and rough can weaken them and lead to breakage. For long and healthy nails, careful pruning and hygiene are essential.
  • File your nails with a nail file, and be careful not to tear your nails.
  • Rub the rough surface of the nail file to smooth nails and avoid scratches.


  1. Do not use harsh chemicals on nails. The use of harsh chemicals on the nails can reduce the “health” over time. Try to find natural, non-toxic nail polish and nail polish removers. Also, protect your hands from strong detergents and other chemicals you may contact daily.


  • When cleaning the house, wear rubber gloves to avoid bleach and harsh chemicals from coming into contact with the nail.

Also, wear gloves when washing dishes, as soap can make your nails less prone to brittle.

  1. Gentle with your nails.  Biting, tearing, or other harmful habits will make your nails weak and soft. Always be gentle with your nails so that they grow healthy.
  2. Use nail polish. Stores sell nail polish to strengthen your nails. Look for a bottle of balm that contains nutrients that help promote nail growth.


Lifestyle changes help your nails grow faster.

  1. For better blood circulation.  Good blood circulation will help nails grow faster, and the best way to improve blood circulation is to move your body more.
  • Gardening, typing, playing tennis, walking the dog, or lots of other physical activity can increase hand blood circulation.

Lifting weights is a beneficial activity for the whole blood circulation. Choose a weight that works for you and work out with it three times a week.

  1. Keep your hands warm in warm environments. Your nails will grow faster. Please wash your nails with warm water.
  • Please keep your hands warm when it’s cold outside to keep your nails free of brittle and broken nails.

Try to expose your nail to early morning sunlight because sunlight helps the body make vitamin D – an essential vitamin for growing nails.

Eating habits promote nail growth.

Eat lots of protein foods.  Nails are made of protein, so the first thing you should do is to add this substance to your diet. Eat lean poultry, fish, beef, pork, spinach, and other vegetables that contain protein for healthy nails. Eggs and nuts are also a great source of protein, especially if you’re a vegetarian.

  1. Supplement vitamins.  In addition to protein, vitamins are needed for nail growth. Need more vitamins A, C, and D to ensure nails can grow as fast as possible. You can supplement these vitamins with medicinal products or through daily food.
  2. Stop dieting. Diet can help you lose weight, but it is also the nail stops growing. If you find your nails are too slow, you may have too many calories and check your diet to supplement the food.
  • The above are all nail care methods that help create the most favorable conditions and stimulate your nails’ growth. How to do long manicure by the technique above to own the desired nails soon!

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