Top Toxic Chemicals in Nail Polish to Avoid

Nail technicians always wear masks to avoid harmful substances from conventional paints. According to health experts, nail technicians should know about hazardous chemicals and use non-toxic nail polish brands.

Avoid these toxic chemicals. 


This is varnish in paints. It smells like paint thinner and can cause headaches and dizziness if inhaled. If commonly used, it may cause damage to the nervous system and the user’s cognitive ability. Pregnant women should avoid products containing toluene, as this can lead to reproductive diseases.


This chemical is used to harden the paint. This is a gas that can be breathed in and absorbed into the skin. Excessive exposure to this substance can lead to leukemia, and many studies show it can cause tumors in humans.

Dibutyl phthalate (DBP)

This material is used for paint that is not brittle and fragile. However, DBP can make the eyes and lungs uncomfortable. Animal studies indicate that this substance can create reproductive problems.

Triphenyl phosphate (TphP)

This is a plasticizer, helps to prevent fire in paints. Although more research is needed on the harmful effects of this substance, experiments on animals show that it can interfere with development, reproduction, and reproduction processes.

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